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For 100 years Our Sunday Visitor periodicals have been the trusted source of information for committed Catholics. We have a proven track record of results for the well-established organization as well as with someone new to the Catholic marketplace. Make the most of your marketing and promotion efforts by calling today!

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OSV Newsweekly

The Largest Catholic Newsweekly!

Reach a typically affluent reader, those who are passionate about their faith and are leaders in their parish community. Their faith dictates much of what they do and how they spend their money. They are hungry for information regarding donations, religious goods, books, religious employment and investment opportunities. Take advantage of the trusted relationship we share with our readers by establishing a consistent advertising presence in OSV Newsweekly.

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The Catholic Answer

What the Church Teaches and Why

This popular Catholic magazine continues to grow its circulation! The Catholic Answer readership is the active, engaged Catholic. Much like the OSV readers, they are influencers in their parish whose personal purchases and lifestyle choices are dictated by their Catholic Faith. Tap into the energy of Catholics who are looking for products and services to help them grow, live and share their faith.

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The Priest

Reach the Parish Decision Makers!

The Priest is the must-read publication for every diocesan priest. Reach priests and deacons for their personal interests and needs as well as the needs of the parish as a whole. Build a relationship with THE parish decision maker by promoting products and services that meet their needs so they don't have to look elsewhere! Great for publishers, fundraisers, parish suppliers, and religious goods, travel or financial organizations to tell your story. Start your schedule today!

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