The ramifications of a Church in crisis

The absolute worst ramification of the clergy abuse crisis is the damage done to the victims. These young people and adults’ lives have been scarred and ruined forever. They are desperately in need of reconciliation and healing. They are broken, and the

Knock apparition shows Irish not abandoned

Dublin is just 200 miles from Knock’s sanctuary. But from the modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the capital to this remote village in northwest Ireland, it seems almost like traveling in time. The landscape around the village has that bright green color

In Ireland, a celebration of the family

Since 1994, Catholics have gathered every few years for the World Meeting of Families. This year’s gathering was held Aug. 21-26 in Dublin. In honor of this celebration, Pope Francis journeyed to Ireland for an apostolic visit Aug. 25-26. This trip marks

Treating the whole person, body and soul

Small Catholic colleges are fast becoming attractive choices for students looking to excel and make a difference in the medical field. Dr. Judy Kreye, associate professor of nursing at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio, says that their Master’s of Science in

Faith and science working together

Writing commands in computer code, attaching sensors and connecting circuit boards are usually not the first things that come to mind in connection with an extracurricular activity at a Catholic liberal arts college. But that is exactly what students in the robotics

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