Contemplative life is an adventure of love

Sister Frances Marie, a Passionist Sister of St. Joseph Monastery in Whitesville, Kentucky, expected contemplative life to be ‘boring’ when she first heard about it in high school. Now as a professed sister, she sees the beauty and joy of the vocation.

Do priests get paid?

While all priests receive a stipend or a salary, it depends on whether they are a part of a religious order or a diocese. Religious priests take a vow of poverty, so their stipend is used to cover basic needs. On the

How a deacon’s vocation impacts the family

For married deacons, his vocation impacts not only his life but the lives of his wife and kids. In fact, a family man called the diaconate must be clear (and so must his pastor) that his calling as a husband and/or father

The Roman collar as billboard, blessing and trial

It’s not easy being the face of the Church. When priests wear a Roman collar in their daily activities, they are bound to attract attention — both positive and negative. Father Jacob Meyer shares his experiences as a priest and how he’s

Work and play: The life of a Trappist monk

Brother Paul Quenon, a Trappist monk at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky, says that life in a monastery is different for each monk or nun, but he sees it as a combination of work and prayer. Scripture, prayer and silence are