Meet the other Divine Mercy saints

The Church calls us higher through the lives of the saints, through one person after another who experienced the mercy of God and knew he had to bring that mercy to the world. When we hear these stories, we begin to realize

How popular literature often points to the Resurrection

The Resurrection is the most real event in human history. Christ’s bodily resurrection is bedrock reality, both of spirit and of matter. On this rock all other Christian beliefs, visions and practices are built. In reference to it alone do they retain

How to lead a contemplative revolution

In his book, “The Contemplative Hunger,” Father Donald Haggerty has a chapter that headlines a question: “A Contemplative Revolution?” Father Haggerty writes: “The evidence is strong today that a desire for silent prayer is being felt by more and more souls, a

When you realize Lent is actually for lovers

There is always something oddly mismatched about love, even when people are trying their best. Men love women differently than women love men, parents love their children differently than children love their parents, and children have the charmingly vexing tendency to pour