Communion under one kind

D.D. Emmons explores the practice of offering Communion under both species. The distribution of Communion must be carefully discerned, reverently conducted, and even the potential for abuse, especially mishandling the Precious Blood, avoided. Further, the faithful should be well informed that Christ

An address to the senior (citizen) class of 2020

It’s been a tough spring for us Catholic members of the senior (citizen) class of 2020, but Bill Dodds writes that God still has work for seniors right here, right now. You’re not helpless. In fact, your help is needed. How powerful

You will be rebuilt

Renée Darline Roden writes about a recent painful experience of recovery from a torn hip labrum injury. She writes, “Health can be regained even when our bodies deviate from the ‘norm.’ In fact, there is no norm. When we heal, we do

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