Spiritualities of the Catholic Church

“I’m not religious, but I am spiritual.” How often have you heard someone say something similar? Or perhaps even said it yourself. In our secular culture, being “religious” is often seen as being narrow-minded, judgmental and a bit of a nutcase. It

Four main principles divide Protestants, Catholics

So what, exactly, do Protestants believe? Today, Protestantism encompasses literally thousands of different groups or “denominations.” But they all trace their roots back to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. At that time, some Christians came to understand their faith differently.

Catholic myths dispelled

So much of what the Catholic Church teaches is taken out of context by a secular society that just doesn’t “get” the big faith picture or by other religious denominations that oppose many of our beliefs and practices. If you’re Catholic, then

Saints in waiting

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha (1656-1680) Saints are not given to moderation — at least not when it comes to showing their love for Christ. And Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha was certainly no exception. Born in upstate New York, the daughter of a Mohawk chief,

Understanding who the Wise Men represent

The story of the Magi, or Wise Men, is famous and mysterious, relatively short in length (appearing only in the Gospel of Matthew) but long in its influence on readers’ imaginations. It raises intriguing questions: Who were those “Magi from the east”

So, what do the colors mean?

In ancient Rome, the emperor draped himself in regal purple, the priests of Mars wore crimson vestments to honor the bloody god of war and families in mourning shrouded themselves in black. But when Christian bishops, priests and deacons stood at the

Hopeful home sellers, Realtors dig St. Joseph

The practice attracts people from all income brackets, cultures, ethnicities and geographical locations. Ironically, it also transcends religion, as it doesn't seem to matter if one is Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or, even on occasion, a self-professed atheist.

So, what do all these seemingly