No human being is illegal

He was barely 3 years old. Wearing black shoes and a deep-blue striped shirt, he pressed his face between the 30-foot-high, solid-iron bar fence that separates the United States from Mexico. Not even his tiny face can squeeze in through the gaps

Blessed John Brenner inspires religious order

Father John Brenner (1931-57), a Hungarian Cistercian priest and martyr, was beatified May 1. Living in communist Hungary, Father Brenner was called to give last rites to a dying man, but it turned out the request was a ruse and instead he

A re-conversion and the power of Divine Mercy

In the early 2000s, Chris Alar was enjoying the good life. He was living in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina and had a nice home on the water, a successful consulting business and was engaged to “the most beautiful girl

Opus Dei’s call to be leaven

At age 30, New York native Michael Almonte was a Catholic searching for more. He grew up in a very devout family where the Rosary was prayed every day, and he had been going to daily Mass for years. “I knew my

Called to the house of Solanus Casey

Tucked a block away from the public high school and only a short drive from downtown Huntington, Indiana, the St. Felix Catholic Center likely is not a traditional stop on the Catholic bucket list. But those who are blessed to find it

Expertise in ‘what it means to be human’

At the beginning of June, Google announced that it had declined to renew a contract with a Pentagon drone program, which lapses next March. The contract allowed the Department of Defense to use Google’s artificial intelligence tools to study unmanned aerial drone

Florence recovery efforts continue for Church

  The Diocese of Raleigh covers 54 counties in central and eastern North Carolina, over an area of 32,000 square miles, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This location means the diocese is a prime target for hurricanes. Hurricane Florence devastated

Widespread shock, disgust at PA abuse report

A friend in Erie texted Kevin-John Jobczynski when Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro released the grand jury report on sexual abuse in six dioceses in the state. Jobczynski, a professional artist in Florida, didn’t immediately read it online, but when he did,

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