AI’s great danger to the human soul

Scott P. Richert reveals that a well-respected Catholic publication recently published an AI-generated article about Catholic education. He emphasizes the importance of having a human write about the topic and concludes: “There’s great potential in AI for making technology more useful, but

Screen-free evenings are a great summer tradition

Columnist Simcha Fisher, mom of many, writes about the benefits of instituting at least one screen-free evening a week, especially during summer. As summer approaches, do consider doing this in your family, if you can. You can do a whole screen-free day,

Clergy abuse: You are the antidote

We must become unified in the belief that every child and vulnerable adult deserves to be safe. This requires of us anticipatory protective measures. It means building the ark when there is no sign of rain.

No one is ‘intrinsically disordered.’ Here’s why

It has become standard practice, when discussing the pastoral care of young people struggling with issues of sexual orientation or gender identity, to say something like “Don’t tell them they’re intrinsically disordered.” This is presented as a pastoral issue, but columnist Brett