Wedding royals

Somehow, Americans find royalty fascinating, if it’s British royalty. When Prince Harry was married recently, it was big, big news in this country. The king and queen of Sweden have a new grandbaby. The husband of the queen of Denmark died not

Don’t bet on it

A gang of us bet weekly on pro football games back in the day in a pool run by a local guy I never met. It was illegal, though we didn’t think about that. Wrong picks would cost each of us around

At the name of Jesus

Question: I was taught to nod my head when the name of Jesus was spoken. I see some priests and congregants do it, but not most. What is the current practice? — Diane Garrett, via email Answer: Liturgically it is not required.

Opening the Word: Restored communion

As with any created good, the family can become an idol. We demand a love from our children that they cannot give. We seek a communion with our spouse that is impossible for any person to provide. This idolatry of the family

Editorial: Putting kids first

Three U.S. bishops had high praise May 18 for two U.S. governors who they said were “keeping kids first.” The bishops were Bishop Frank J. Dewane of Venice, Florida, who chairs the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and

‘Show us a better way’

“I’ve seen wickedness.” Samuel, my Uber driver, described a recent acid attack he read about back in his native Cameroon, recalling all kinds of flashbacks. He talked about some of the unspeakable violence the government there has been known to inflict on

God winks

As Catholics we hear quite a bit about the love of God. We are reminded through the Mass Readings that God is always with us and we need not worry or be afraid. Sometimes, however, when we get back to those challenges

Responsibility to teach

Question: Do the pastoral responsibilities of bishops extend to children in public schools? — Robert Bonsignore,  Brooklyn, New York Answer: Yes, a bishop does have this obligation. Normally he meets this duty by ensuring that each parish has adequate religious education available

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