Dignity of family

Having a small child face an illness that doctors declare to be untreatable and ultimately fatal is nightmare enough for any parent. But the recent high-profile case of Alfie Evans is a reminder of the human capacity to create further harm in

A national mother

I confess to a distracted moment at Mass the day after Barbara Bush died. I was at an afternoon Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, and Bill Clinton’s chief campaign strategist, Paul Begala, was in my peripheral vision. The first

Keeping the peace

Many of us, myself included, make a concerted effort to silence the noise during Lent. Although it’s a good idea to go through each and every day with less media, Lent provides a good opportunity to re-evaluate how much time we’re spending

Loving the Spirit

Question: I have difficulty relating to the Holy Spirit. Is the Spirit a person? Are there any suggestions that you can make? — Name, location withheld Answer: Many do struggle to relate to the Holy Spirit as a person for two reasons.

Opening the Word: God chose us

Pride is the downfall of the human race. It’s the sin where we imagine in our hearts that God has chosen us because of how remarkable we are. We tell ourselves that we alone are the worthy ones, the righteous ones, the

Old-school punch ball

“Time it was and what a time it was, it was … A time of innocence.” — “Bookends,” by Simon and Garfunkel (1968) I did a guest column for the local paper recently describing the sort-of baseball games we made up and

Changing creation

Question: I wonder if it could be that God has not finished creating the world, that we are still in the sixth day of creation? — Name withheld via email Answer: Perhaps we can begin by distinguishing macroevolution from microevolution and natural law

Editorial: God is with us

The Middle East was the birthplace of Christianity and has been, down through the ages, the greatest source of Christian martyrs. In recent decades, as the plight of Christians in the Middle East largely has been ignored by the West in the

Opening the Word: To bear bold fruit

Saul isn’t trustworthy. He isn’t trustworthy to the early disciples who had experienced the fruits of his persecution. The apostles wisely ask Barnabas to escort Saul to them so that they can test the validity of his conversion. And Saul, now to

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