Our Sunday Visitor Engages

Our Sunday Visitor EngagesOur Sunday Visitor accompanies you on your Catholic journey, quenching your thirst for formation and education. We work with religious education, stewardship, financial and business staffs at parishes and dioceses to support your mission. Our materials are present during Mass, in your home, parish entryway, school, bookstore and online. We work alongside Catholic organizations to build strong and vibrant Catholic communities.

We bring our full cross-functional teams together to understand how we can best serve your needs. Our market research incorporates customer panel discussions, individual meetings and ongoing feedback into product development decisions. Each year dozens of new products and services are introduced based on our engagement with customers and other organizations.

We collaborate with organizations such as the International Stewardship Council, The Center for Church Management at Villanova University, and many others. We also provide guides for your staff and parishioners, helping you make the best use of these materials.

Our resources are there when you need them, assembled in a wide variety of formats so that there's something available for you, regardless of your circumstance or interest.

Our Sunday Visitor also works with you to develop parishioner engagement using our products and services. Our workshops and consulting are based on best practices documented through independent research, in combination with our own experiences with thousands of parishes.

  • Parish-Based Consulting
  • Workshops and Events

Our Sunday Visitor Engages