Our Sunday Visitor Stewards

Our Sunday Visitor StewardsTo Serve the Church: Our corporate mission guides us daily, and it leads us to return net proceeds through the Our Sunday Visitor Institute to hundreds of Catholic organizations throughout the United States. The Institute awards funds for projects focused on evangelization, catechesis, stewardship and vocations. Proceeds from Our Sunday Visitor divisions fund the Institute, which is managed by an Executive Director and has its own board of advisors.
Our Products and Services provide a complete range of instruction about stewardship and discipleship, plus an array of consulting and tools to foster parishioner engagement:
  • Electronic products and services
  • Print and mail services
  • Books and educational resources
Our Sunday Visitor supports sustainable operations through our focus on recycling and other green programs. We employ LEAN principles across the organization to reduce waste in all processes, ranging from finance and marketing to production and transportation.
Our Sunday Visitor Stewards