How long do souls stay in purgatory?

A reader asks: “I’ve been reading about apparitions where Our Lady revealed to the children in Fátima and to Sister Mariana in Quito, Ecuador, that some souls spend the rest of time in purgatory, some bishops and religious for 80 to 100

An American André?

Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend has approved the opening of the canonization cause of Holy Cross Brother Columba O’Neill, a Pennsylvania native born in 1848. Brother O’Neill was a cobbler by trade, and in 1874, he entered

A guide to picking confirmation saints

Do you need some help finding a confirmation saint? Meg Hunter-Kilmer offers a guide and poses some questions for finding a good spiritual companion. She also suggests some helpful books and encourages, if possible, a pilgrimage to a saint’s shrine. She notes:

Honoring the legacy of Mother Teresa

Colleen Pressprich writes: “As we approach Mother Teresa’s Sept. 5 feast day this year, and with it the 25th anniversary of her death, I know that I cannot be the only one trying to think of ways to honor her legacy. …

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