When you forget the loved one who died

As we approach All Souls’ Day, Our Sunday Visitor columnist David Mills offers readers a way to carry on the legacy — and help us remember — of loved ones who have passed away. Mills writes: “In some way, the person you

A lesson from Tolkien on grief (and hope)

On the sixth anniversary of his sister’s death, columnist David Mills revisits the feeling of loss. “It’s weird how that day, that very bad day, seems to be a long time ago and just yesterday, because I've adjusted to a world without

Enjoy being a loser, Christian

In a new essay for Our Sunday Visitor, columnist David Mills looks at the too-common belief that God doesn’t lose battles — or let us lose them. While that might sound comforting to those engaged in a difficult moment, Mills writes: “It

When the least of these get stitched up

Columnist David Mills explores the reality of false convictions from a Catholic perspective, writing that it’s something the Church warns about in its social teaching: “False conviction is a problem for Christians in two ways. First, our neighbors suffer this injustice, and

A private club or open to all? The Church is both

In his latest essay for Our Sunday Visitor, columnist David Mills reacts to a recent call to stop the exodus from the Church of England by turning it into “a social institution with a spiritual side” — in other words, making religion

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