The five parts of praying with Scripture

Even though the Bible was written ages ago, its pages always have meanings and messages for us today. Our challenge is to find connections between the text of yesterday and the "today" of our lives. There are five parts to "lectio divina"

Daring to defy the crown and give faith to the poor

This essay was selected as the winner of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ religious liberty essay contest on the theme “Witnesses to Freedom.” It provides an overview of the life and martyrdom of St. Edmund Campion, the Jesuit priest who defied

10 things that make for a great Catholic dad

Being a Catholic dad is both a great privilege and a big responsibility. Along with their mothers, we've been entrusted to raise our kids to know and love God and to prepare them for lives as Catholic men and women. Odds are,

How to conform to the love of Jesus

Lenny DeLorenzo dives into the 12 promises of the Sacred Heart. To adore his heart is an act of faith, trusting, in part, that his promises are true. Those of us who begin to devote ourselves to his heart cannot taste this

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