The Power of Novenas

For many, a novena is thought of as something magical that people do when they want something from God. Many pray novenas when they are in need, but they don’t always get what they want — at least, they don’t always get

Plugging teens into the faith: A how-to guide

Some call them the iGeneration. Others prefer Generation Z, Pluralists or post-Millennials. Sociologists and marketing experts have yet to reach a consensus on what to call the children of Generation X — today’s teens, tweens and tots. But they have picked a

9 truths about purgatory

Some fear it. Others hope for it. Some see it as proof of God’s mercy; others as testimony to God’s wrath. Many don’t know anything about it, while many more have forgotten what they once knew. The “it” is purgatory, and when

Top 10 Catholic Cities, USA

Ready for some Catholic sightseeing? Based on culture, history, physical landscape and spirituality, the following list of Top 10 U.S. Catholic Cities — listed in no particular order — highlights American hubs with a Catholic pulse. Each location, whether it be large

History of African-American Catholics

Chicago history buffs will tell you that their city was founded in 1790 by a successful trapper and fur trader named Jean Baptiste Point du Sable. Less well known is du Sable’s background — he was black and Catholic. Traditionally, most African

Understanding the parts of the Mass

Part I: The Liturgy of the Word Introductory rites The Mass begins with a procession of, at minimum, the priest into the sanctuary. The priest and anyone who accompanies him represents the congregation, and their journey symbolizes the Christian journey through life

What every Catholic needs to know about funerals

It is one of the most important events a Catholic community celebrates in a person’s life, but one so often misunderstood and increasingly ignored. The funeral Mass. The funeral liturgy in a church setting is a final opportunity to commend the deceased