Nicaraguan regime represses public faith exhibitions

Catholics turned out in large numbers to celebrate Holy Week in Nicaragua. But the ruling Sandinista regime prohibited public exhibitions of faith -- such as processions and reenactments of the passion of Christ -- as it continued exercising control over religious activities

U.S. needs to alter its trade agreement with Nicaragua

Former Vice President Mike Pence condemned Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's anti-Catholic persecution in comments at a religious freedom summit in Washington Jan. 30, arguing the U.S. should alter its existing trade agreement with that government if its religious persecution continues.

Nicaraguan government releases Bishop Rolando Álvarez

Bishop Rolando Álvarez of Matagalpa has been released from prison and sent into exile along with 18 imprisoned churchmen as the Nicaraguan government expelled its most prominent critic, whose presence behind bars bore witness to the Sandinista regime descent into totalitarianism, along

A wave of priest arrests ends year in Nicaragua

Since Christmas, Nicaraguan police and paramilitaries have detained more than a dozen priests, including an archdiocesan vicar, as the Sandinista regime escalates a campaign of terror against the Catholic Church -- an institution it has struggled to subdue.

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