Listening to young leaders in the Church

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops announced Jan. 25 that three young adults would represent the United States at the pre-synod gathering to be held in Rome from March 19-25. This gathering is an opportunity for the Vatican to hear directly from

A selection of movies to watch by the fireside

Let's face it, the period between New Years and spring can be a dull one, made worse in many places by challenging winter weather. For those confronted by such an atmosphere, staying inside and hovering by a fireplace can be a tempting

Laying the foundation for vocational discernment

Writer and Catholic dad Leonard DeLorenzo coaches parents in helping their children become capable of their vocations: Parents’ vocation is to help your children become capable of their vocations. Each vocation is the specific shape of one’s own discipleship, and discipleship itself

Grace can be found in a season of grief

Karen and Kevin Beaton have lived through the loss of two of their six children. Independent tragic circumstances claimed the lives of their five-year-old daughter, Christine, in 1982 and their adult son, Colin, in 2018 at the age of 31. "In my

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