Learning from the patron of the universal Church

St. Joseph may be the patron of the universal Church, but as a namesake for a Catholic university or college, the foster father of Jesus presents an interesting paradox. For an institution of higher learning, where professors are lecturing and intellectuals hone

Mother Seton’s legacy lives on in Catholic education

The Seton family’s coat of arms declared, “Hazard yet forward.” “We always use that phrase, especially during the past year with COVID,” said Sister of Charity Maureen O’Brien, the vice president for mission and identity at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania,

Two holy men you should know

When the U.S. bishops met for their spring assembly on June 16-18, they gave the go-ahead for two dioceses to advance the canonization causes of two 20th-century men who displayed valor and courage in wartime. Brian Fraga reports on the lives of

A National Eucharistic Revival may be coming. What does that mean?

Commissioning “Eucharistic missionaries” is an idea that has “captured the imagination” of people involved in the planning for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ three-year initiative to rekindle devotion to the Eucharist. In an interview with Our Sunday Visitor, David Spesia, executive

How the Church is reaching out to LGBT Catholics

Serving Catholics who have same-sex attractions is a ministry that has evolved within the Church, and there is still room to grow. While some groups, like Courage International, host groups that focus on helping same sex-attracted Catholics cultivate chastity and live by

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