Abortion and voting: What does the Church teach?

When it comes to the Catholic view on abortion and life issues, voting is complicated. As David Mills writes in his latest essay, “Catholics aren’t single-issue voters. The Gospel of Life isn’t just the Gospel of Unborn Life. But we are voters

Yes, the Church received relief funds, and that’s fair

On July 10, the Associated Press published a report titled, “Catholic Church lobbied for taxpayer funds, got 1.4 billion dollars.” Through the Paycheck Protection Program from the Small Business Administration, AP estimated that the Church may have received 3.5 billion dollars. But

Wearing a mask is not about you; it’s about them

In an essay for Our Sunday Visitor, David Mills writes that when “reading about the more aggressive mask-refusers, I’ve been thinking about my father. He would have had an answer for the guy marching into the store bare-faced and defiant. He would

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