Let’s celebrate Easter for a while

This year's Lent was particularly challenging, not only due to personal struggles in maintaining Lenten resolutions amidst a backdrop of bleak news but also as a reminder of the world's, and our own, need for a savior, writes Greg Erlandson. Despite these

How do we win the abortion battle? Maybe like this.

For abortion’s opponents, it has been a frustrating year.

When it came to the courts, the pro-life movement scored its most significant victory when the U.S. Supreme Court in 2022 reversed its 1973 decision calling abortion a constitutional right.

When it has come to

Can the laity save the Church?

There’s a good chance that Russell Shaw is one of the most prolific contemporary authors and commentators on the Catholic Church that you may never have heard of.

Defiantly unretired, in just the past seven years Russ has written “Catholics in America” (Ignatius),

Catholic media use is on the upswing

The good news today is that Catholics are still reading, listening and watching Catholic materials. The better news is that the numbers who are reading, listening and watching have been going up. Greg Erlandson with some thoughtful analysis on the latest CARA

When it comes to homilies, we can do better

Preaching in general seems to be in a state of crisis right now. While no one homiletic style will please all Catholics, an awful lot of us pew warmers are complaining about the quality, or lack thereof, of the sermons we hear.

What do we do when our heroes let us down

My wife took Christ off our living room wall the other day. It was a postcard image of a mosaic created by Jesuit Father Marko Rupnik. She couldn’t bear to have it up.

Rupnik is a remarkably gifted artist. His mosaics adorn chapels

As AI grows, we terminate the humanities at our peril

Eyebrows were raised recently when the board of Virginia’s Marymount University dumped its majors in art, economics, English, history, philosophy, theology and religious studies, among others.

The university explained that the decision reflected “our responsibility to prepare them for the fulfilling, in-demand careers