Uplifting tale shows the reality of adoption

In the mid-1990s, the parishioners of an East Texas Baptist church achieved something remarkable: By adopting 77 children, they managed temporarily to empty the area's foster care system. Their story is recounted in the affecting drama "Sound of Hope: The Story of

Noted: ‘The Garfield Movie’ is only fitfully amusing

The world's most famous lasagne-loving, Mondays-averse feline gets a third big-screen outing with "The Garfield Movie" (Columbia). Director Mark Dindal's animated adaptation of cartoonist Jim Davis' long-running comic strip is generally amiable and family-friendly. Yet it's only fitfully amusing and feels disposable.


A selection of movies to watch by the fireside

Let's face it, the period between New Years and spring can be a dull one, made worse in many places by challenging winter weather. For those confronted by such an atmosphere, staying inside and hovering by a fireplace can be a tempting