Should Joe Biden have been denied Communion?

The recent report that a priest in the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina, refused holy Communion to former Vice President Joe Biden brought to center stage, once again, the question of how the Church should react to political figures who identify themselves

British royalty at Newman canonization

In a few days, Cardinal John Henry Newman will be canonized as a saint, and Britain’s Prince Charles is scheduled to attend. The prince’s presence has been reported as if it will be a major shift in relations between the United Kingdom

Why is Catholicism so vibrant in Africa?

Some studies suggest that before long the Catholic population of sub-Saharan Africa will account for as many as 40% of Catholics worldwide. Pope Francis’ journey to the three African nations indicates how important Africa has become to the Catholic Church, and what

The immigration conundrum in one Southern state

No one should be surprised. Mississippi’s two Catholic bishops, Joseph R. Kopacz of Jackson and Louis F. Kihneman III of Biloxi have joined the state’s Episcopal, Lutheran and United Methodist leaders in condemning recent actions by federal authorities in the mass arrest