Conversion begins with healing

Writer Renée Darline Roden asks, “What am I hoping to be healed from in Lent?” She notes, “Healing begins with naming our vulnerabilities, naming our weaknesses,” and adds, “Healing means being made whole. It means being reunited with the parts of our

A reason for joy, a reason to celebrate

Celebrating Gaudete Sunday, Renée Roden writes that even in pandemic times, “Our lives need events. The rhythm of life demands the interruption of the ordinary. These celebrations break through our daily lives to shout: “This is important! Something has happened.” And we

Responding with tenderness to a violent world

Renée Darline Roden writes about responding with tenderness to a violent world. Two years ago, Pope Francis convened a conference on the theology of tenderness, as present in his own theology. Our decision to act with tenderness recalls the tenderness of God’s

You will be rebuilt

Renée Darline Roden writes about a recent painful experience of recovery from a torn hip labrum injury. She writes, “Health can be regained even when our bodies deviate from the ‘norm.’ In fact, there is no norm. When we heal, we do