Will you accept the Hallow #Pray25 Advent Challenge?

Are you looking for a simple resource to guide you throughout the season of Advent? Hallow, an authentically Catholic meditation and prayer app, is leading a twenty-five day Advent challenge with weekly reflections of the themes of Advent — hope, faith, joy

Finding silence and embracing loss

We live in a noisy world –and it’s not just audible noise. Take the small computer I carry in my pocket, for example, the small screen that tries to send me notifications for everything: the weather, what store near me has a

Finding the East in Easter

The Resurrection is arguably the central tenet of Christianity. It’s what’s most important. Jesus died, and he rose again. Pretty simple. Pretty straightforward. Pretty easy to understand (if not to digest). Or that’s what I thought before I embarked on a Lenten

Untangling the Catholic Web

When I first discovered Catholic websites — a few years after converting — it was like a fire was ignited underneath me. It didn’t take me long after that to jump in with both hands on my keyboard. I started blogging and,