What surefire paths lead to more priestly vocations?

Personal encouragement and Eucharistic adoration are crucial in fostering vocations to the priesthood, according to data from a newly released report.

On April 15, the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University released the 2024 "Survey of Ordinands to the

Fundamentals of getting away for a recharge

Bill Dodds writes, “No one can say Jesus was a coward. He never tucked his tail between his legs — or girded his loins — and ran away. He did, however, “escape” through a crowd that was out to get him and

Making merciful love known wherever they go

Sister Karolyn Nunes has enjoyed every assignment she has received in her 19 years as a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George. Not because the assignments were the most glamorous or exciting moments, but because each

These monks defend the dignity of the body after death

The monks at New Melleray Abbey in Peosta, Iowa, maintain an apostolate building caskets and urns, playing their part in encouraging respectful and dignified burials, and keeping death before our eyes. This is a participation in the corporal works of mercy. The

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