Is God a God of wrath or love?

A reader writes: “I hear a lot about the love of God, but then I also see a lot in the Bible about his wrath and anger. I don’t know which view of God to believe in.” One way to understand it,

The five parts of praying with Scripture

Even though the Bible was written ages ago, its pages always have meanings and messages for us today. Our challenge is to find connections between the text of yesterday and the "today" of our lives. There are five parts to "lectio divina"

New app promises to transform lives this Advent

This Advent, pray with the Ascension app, a new Bible and Catechism app from Catholic publisher Ascension. It features two podcasts by Father Mike Schmitz (produced by Ascension) along with the full text of the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic

Is Satan’s vow to not serve in the Bible?

A reader writes: “The phrase ‘non serviam’ has been associated with Satan and his response to God when being cast from heaven. Is this in the Bible? If not, where did this come from?” As Monsignor Charles Pope explains, “The declaration ‘non

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