Do priests remember the sins we confess to them?

A reader asks if priests remember the sins they hear in confession. Monsignor Charles Pope offers a priest’s perspective before concluding, “your priest, even if he recognizes you in the moment of the confession, is probably not going to remember the specifics

Is there a rule that Mass must include music?

A reader asks two questions: Is music required at Mass and can Catholics play hymns from a phone over church speakers during adoration? With the first, Monsignor Charles Pope responds that there are “norms that favor singing at Masses, with some exceptions.

Why did Adam and Eve sin?

A reader asks why Adam and Eve sinned even though they had “perfect intellects and wills unencumbered by the lower passions.” As Monsignor Charles Pope explains, “even with preternatural gifts, there are still temptations.” For true freedom, he writes, “Things must exist

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