The odd Catholic temptation to obnoxious one-upmanship

Why do Catholics and other Christians seem to gravitate to the passive-aggressive put-down technique of one-upmanship? It’s easy to imagine one of the disciples saying, “You like John? Why don’t you like Peter? What’s wrong with Peter? He’s just as good as

Boots on, and do better, Hierarchs!

It behooves all of us to be thoughtful in our speech and our writing, and to train our tongues and pens to anticipate the unforgiving down-shouter tendencies of a world that barely hears before it bellows a return

How to more effectively communicate truth with love

What does conversational intelligence, Pope Francis and media have in common? Gretchen Crowe reflects on the interconnectedness of these three things in her latest column. Commenting on Pope Francis’ message for World Day of Social Communications, celebrated this year on May 21,

There’s only us: Becoming the Church we want to see

We Catholics are fighting too much amongst ourselves. Our sometimes unclear, not-careful-enough leadership doesn't always help the faithful bring our best selves forward, so that we may be a church speaking credibly to the world of Christ.

All the uncharitable anger we're spewing

Why I’m worried robots are replacing real relationships

Associate editor Ava Lalor writes about an ad she recently encountered featuring a friendly robot geared toward helping kids with social interactions and emotional processing. While it seems like a fun product at first glance, Lalor shares her concerns with this new

The Church has good news to tell

Monsignor Owen Campion writes that, despite changes in the way people receive their news, the Church still has good news to tell: “Reliable reporting, and good Catholic commentary, still are needed by Catholics, but this country, and Western Europe, are facing a

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