150 things you didn’t know were Catholic

Associate editor Ava Lalor writes: “There are some days where it feels like the whole world is against Catholicism. … And then there are days where I see Catholicism in everything — as I’ve written about on multiple occasions. … Luckily, if

Are we turning Christ’s house into a meeting place?

A few columns back, Ava Lalor wrote about how we can pray the Mass well, offering some ideas for how to prepare before the liturgy begins and how to participate throughout. Despite her best intentions, she writes, “I still get distracted and

Finding the sacred in the secular as a Catholic

Associate editor Ava Lalor shares the history of her favorite hymn, “O God Beyond All Praising” and how she encountered it in a kids TV show: “I learned that the music from this favorite hymn originally comes from Gustav Holst’s orchestral suite

Why I’m worried robots are replacing real relationships

Associate editor Ava Lalor writes about an ad she recently encountered featuring a friendly robot geared toward helping kids with social interactions and emotional processing. While it seems like a fun product at first glance, Lalor shares her concerns with this new

How do you pray the Mass? Good question

Associate editor Ava Lalor reflects on how she easily gets distracted during the Mass: “Despite the fact that I can quote much of the prayers that the priest alone says, I often zone out and go on auto-pilot. Instead of focussing on

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