Confession is an act of God’s love

Monsignor Owen Campion writes about the bravery of priests who sacrificed their lives to minister to those on the Titanic as well as soldiers on the battlefield during various wars. He emphasizes that, just as Catholics in danger of dying went to

Do priests remember the sins we confess to them?

A reader asks if priests remember the sins they hear in confession. Monsignor Charles Pope offers a priest’s perspective before concluding, “your priest, even if he recognizes you in the moment of the confession, is probably not going to remember the specifics

Can a Protestant go to confession?

A reader asks: “Can a Protestant confess his sins to a Catholic priest and have them forgiven?” Monsignor Charles Pope explains, “Not usually. There are, however, a couple of exceptions. The first exception is in danger of death. Canon law says, ‘If

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