Bringing God on family vacation

Recently, standing behind a mom in line at Disney, I heard her reflect to a friend, “I don’t know how my kids’ teachers puts up with them all day.” People often feel ambivalent about family vacations. We can’t wait to go on

Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep

When I was small, I was fascinated by a framed cross-stitch hanging on a wall in my parents’ home. I read the words over and over, even setting them to my own tune. “Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow … for

Family key to saving culture

You don’t have to look far or listen hard to hear someone decrying the state of Western civilization. In “The First Society: The Sacrament of Matrimony and the Restoration of the Social Order” (Emmaus Road, $22.95), Scott Hahn presents a plan for

How to invite Christ into your family

In this week’s Gospel, the disciples who encountered Jesus on the road to Emmaus return to Jerusalem to tell what happened (see Lk 24:35-48). In the middle of their story, Jesus appears again, terrifying everyone. The disciples think he is a ghost.

Rebuttals to arguments for same-sex marriage

Perhaps no issue is more nerve-wracking today than same-sex marriage. It’s a magnet for controversy, evoking strong reactions from those on either side of the debate. But beneath all the fiery passion and rhetoric, there are real arguments to evaluate. In this

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