Let’s celebrate Easter for a while

This year's Lent was particularly challenging, not only due to personal struggles in maintaining Lenten resolutions amidst a backdrop of bleak news but also as a reminder of the world's, and our own, need for a savior, writes Greg Erlandson. Despite these

Pray the Stations of the Cross where they happened

Nearly every Catholic church depicts the 14 Stations of the Cross — moments of Jesus’ passion and death on the cross — so that the faithful can pray and reflect on them. Now, Catholics worldwide can also pray the stations while seeing,

Video: A Breton masterpiece takes us to the Passion

In the village of Plougastel-Daoulas, near Brest, France, a 17th-century monument has silently stood the test of time. Originally constructed as anex-voto -- in gratitude for surviving a plague -- the calvaire ("calvary") features three prominent crosses, representing the crucifixion of Jesus

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