Is there a rule that Mass must include music?

A reader asks two questions: Is music required at Mass and can Catholics play hymns from a phone over church speakers during adoration? With the first, Monsignor Charles Pope responds that there are “norms that favor singing at Masses, with some exceptions.

Can we pray the Rosary before Mass?

A reader writes: “This past Easter Sunday, the parishioners were not allowed to say the rosary before Mass by the presiding priest. This is a normal practice that we have had in this church for over 40 years. Is there any logical

Is it a sin to leave Mass early?

A reader writes: “I’m noticing that at every Mass I attend, there seem to be those few that approach the altar, accept the holy Eucharist, and instead of returning to their seats in grace or prayer, they simply walk toward one of

We stand at the foot of Calvary at every Mass

During the Consecration at Mass the priest says, “do this in remembrance of me.” But, a reader writes: “A friend says this does not literally mean ‘in memory of’ but rather ‘do this as a memorial,’ a continuation of Jesus’s sacrifice. I

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