Priest chaplains’ legacy of heroic service

Among American Catholic priests are heroes too often unsung: military chaplains. Through two centuries of warfare and peacekeeping, priests serving as chaplains in the armed services have been a lifeline for the enlisted. Our Sunday Visitor columnist Monsignor Owen Campion recounts the

A heart for serving America’s sailors

In March, the Associated Press published a story looking at how the Navy is employing more chaplains with the hope of helping to stem the rising tide of suicides by sailors. Father Jim Hinkle, a Catholic priest and an active-duty chaplain for

World War II chaplain remembered for one day of bravery

In the predawn hours of June 6, 1944, Conventual Franciscan Father Ignatius Maternowski parachuted behind German lines near Guetteville, France, a small village in Normandy, with the men of the U.S. Army’s eighty-second Airborne Division. By nightfall, Father Maternowski was dead, believed