How NASA and the Church Fathers got it right

When a NASA-run social media account posted that color is not inherent in matter, but is a subjective phenomenon rooted in the human mind, Catholic social media erupted in protest, accusing NASA of relativism. But the observation that color is not a

Daughters of the King for sale on Instagram

There are some news articles one consumes with the same reluctance as one accepts a repellent medical treatment. "A Marketplace of Girl Influencers Managed by Moms and Stalked by Men," which was featured in the New York Times in late February, is

The odd Catholic temptation to obnoxious one-upmanship

Why do Catholics and other Christians seem to gravitate to the passive-aggressive put-down technique of one-upmanship? It’s easy to imagine one of the disciples saying, “You like John? Why don’t you like Peter? What’s wrong with Peter? He’s just as good as

Papal preacher: How to make Lent a good experience

The cardinal accustomed to preaching to popes and officials of the Roman Curia is now taking his Gospel message directly to the faithful through social media.

For six days during Lent, the Vatican was releasing brief -- approximately two minutes long -- spiritual

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