Two brave friars’ risky dream of founding a farm

In his 1981 encyclical Laborem Exercens, Pope St. John Paul II wrote that “work is a fundamental dimension of our life on earth.” Working with the land, running a farm, and manual labor in general can bring us closer to God. That’s

Spotlight on a Catholic priest in the metaverse

“Meta” is a term we hear a lot these days, in many contexts. From the Greek for “beyond,” it often refers to an expanding of horizons, taking something that already exists to new and possibly previously-unconceived-of places. The so-called “metaverse” is a

Basketball sisters now play for God

Divine intervention may be the only explanation for how two college teammates graduated, ventured off on different career paths miles apart and then, 40 years later, ended up on the same journey in Miami, both wearing habits. “I think we met at