Nothing is ever lost in the kingdom of God

Adam A. J. DeVille writes, “Our time in this pandemic has presented us with even more opportunities to love and serve people who are suffering in so many ways. The one key lesson I have learned this year is that serving someone

The necessity of seeing self-care as self-gift

Writer Adam DeVille writes that “when daily life is disrupted in ways none of us has ever lived through, self-care becomes crucial not just for frontline personnel in hospitals, but all of us dealing with widespread and massive anxiety.” He notes that

Anti-Semitism is anti-Catholicism

After recent anti-Semitic attacks in New York, we look to the Church’s vocal stance against such hatred. Since Pope Pius XI in 1938, popes have spoken out against anti-Semitism, saying such actions are contrary to Catholicism. Pope Francis, too, has reiterated this

Be not afraid … to talk to your therapist

Writer Adam DeVille suggests that too often there is a negative stigma attached to seeking assistance with mental health issues, but he writes that counseling and therapy can help us to lose our false assumptions and let truth take root, allowing our