Six tips to better avoid evangelizing others

In a tongue-in-cheek delivery, Bill Dodds offers six tips to better avoid evangelizing others. Tips such as never introduce yourself to others; not getting involved in some sort of evangelization; not inviting a friend to a parish activity; not sharing your faith

Ask any saint: Ruts are underrated

Bill Dodds says that as we look at life’s ruts, perhaps we need to see it as God does: “It could be you’re exactly where he wants you to be and doing exactly what he wants you to do.” Dodds takes a

Hate the political position, love the person who holds it

As conversations heat up with the upcoming election, Bill Dodds offers some practical advice when we “hate the political position, love the person who holds it.” His four pointers include the following: to love your neighbor (enemy) as you love yourself; transmit

An address to the senior (citizen) class of 2020

It’s been a tough spring for us Catholic members of the senior (citizen) class of 2020, but Bill Dodds writes that God still has work for seniors right here, right now. You’re not helpless. In fact, your help is needed. How powerful

10 easy ways to be the worst parishioner ever

Maybe it’s time you kick it up a notch and move from being just a bad parishioner to becoming the worst parishioner ever. In his traditional satirical style, Bill Dodds provides 10 steps on how to claim that title. His advice ranges

‘When did we see you homeless?’

Bill Dodds writes about the Judgment of Nations and how we are called to assist the homeless. He offers big and little ways we can act and expands the definition of homeless to those who relocate to a new city, are hospitalized,

Exploring the history of the Baltimore Catechism

The Baltimore Catechism is one of the most well-known Catholic books of the 20th century, and while it has fallen out of popularity since the Second Vatican Council, its influence on generations of Catholics can’t be overstated. Writer Bill Dodds looks at

How the confessional is better than a time machine

Scour the pages of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and you won’t find the term “time machine.” Watch, or re-watch, the 1985 blockbuster movie “Back to the Future” and you won’t spot a scene where anyone speaks of going to confession.