Greed can be good … when it comes to grace

It seems strange — but accurate — to say the saints were a greedy bunch when it came to grace. They just wanted more, more, more — and pretty much would stop at nothing to get it. Sacrifice? Sure! Poverty? No problem!

Is teasing a sin against the Fifth Commandment?

Is teasing a sin against the Fifth (thou shall not kill and thou shall not harm) Commandment? Maybe. And to further clarify: sometimes. So what is teasing, what is sinning, and where's the line? In this post you'll find help in determining

Why God wants you to be a little impractical

Looked at from one angle, it’s pretty clear Christianity wasn’t made for rigid planners. In the Old Testament (cf. Ex 3:1-12), the Lord didn’t tell Moses at the burning bush, “Get all your ducks in a row and then go to Pharaoh

The spirituality of creativity

You’re a creative person. Just think of how many creative arguments popped into your head just now trying to convince yourself that you aren’t a creative person. No, you can’t paint like Michelangelo. But you picked the ideal color for your living

Six tips for developing a generous heart

Let’s start with how, in late 16th-century France, a Latin word slid into a French term. What? Stick with me now. Maybe we tend to fiddle with the word “generous” — as in “developing a generous heart” — and like to get

The delicate balancing act

Balance. It’s not an easy thing to do. And no one gets it right all the time. Following Jesus’ teaching to focus on today’s worries while remembering lessons from the past and preparing for the future is a lifetime task. A series

So much stuff! Making room for God

It’s hard to find room for God in your life when it’s overstuffed with, well, stuff. Ours — to use a modern term — is a “first-world problem.” But that’s not to say it isn’t a problem. It’s a concern that hit