N.Y. Mayor Eric Adams meets tackles Rome’s graffiti

New York's Mayor Eric Adams took a break between an audience with Pope Francis in the Vatican and a conference on human fraternity to head to Rome's Trastevere neighborhood to help volunteers paint over graffiti.

He arrived about 15 minutes after Rome's Mayor

Words are a Swiss Guard’s best weapon

"We have been trained in different combat techniques," as well as taken courses in psychology and situational assessment, said Corporal Eliah Cinotti, media officer of the Pontifical Swiss Guard.

But "nowadays you have to understand that the best weapon is talking. Until now

Faith and peace meet in papal diplomacy, archbishop says

The pope's diplomats are men of faith located all over the world to uphold the pope's positions on international matters, to edify the universal church and to serve the Gospel, said Archbishop Paul R. Gallagher, the Vatican foreign minister.

Vatican diplomacy is a

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