Demon hierarchy

  Question: I have heard that demons, because they come from differing choirs of angels, are not all the same in terms of both authority and intelligence. I think we tend to envision angels as all being alike, with different jobs or

Dating churches

Question: How does one date a church? When the cornerstone was laid? When it was dedicated? For example, the cornerstone at my parish says 1926, but the church itself wasn’t dedicated until 1931. — Mary via email Answer: It depends on what

Lacking in Christ?

Question: In Col 1:24, we read about our sufferings “filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ.” What does it mean that something was lacking in Christ’s affliction? Does this refer to redemptive suffering and, if so, is the service

Second marriages

Question: Jesus says if you divorce your wife and marry another, you commit adultery. But we see many seemingly happy people in their second marriage. What is your perspective on this? — Paul VanHoudt, Erie, Colorado Answer: The implied premise of your

A grotesque request?

Question: Why did Jesus tell his followers to eat his Body and drink his Blood? It seems like such a grotesque request. — Anthony Navarra, via email Answer: It is, to be sure, a shocking mandate, and many of the Jews who

Dishonest steward

Question: Why did Jesus praise the dishonest steward in Luke 16:8? At first sight it seems that Jesus praised him for being dishonest, which cannot be not the case. But I cannot find the real reason for Jesus’ praise. — Stephen Formosa,

Celebrating holidays

Question: When I entered the Church a few years ago, I was disappointed in the rather dour look of my parish during the holidays: no flowers, lights or cheerful music. Instead there are dark themes of judgment, purple everywhere and none of

Salutary repentance

Question: In the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it says that we should not despair for those who have taken their lives because, “By ways known to him alone, God can provide the opportunity for salutary repentance” (No. 2283). Can we assume

Jesus’ untold years

Question: Why do the Gospels omit so much of Jesus’ life? It would have been edifying to see how he lived as a child, teenager and adult. As a parent I would love to show my daughter, “See, this is how Jesus

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