Biblical inconsistency?

Question: In Matthew 5:19, Jesus rails against relaxing or changing even the least of the commandments, and yet verse 19 also says that if one does, “[he] will be called least in the kingdom of heaven.” It seems the consequences should be “losing”

God the Son, Word

Question: Is it not more accurate to say that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Word? Calling the Second Person of the Trinity the Son came only after the Incarnation, whereas, “In the beginning was the Word” (Jn 1:1).

Stripped of clothes

Question: At the Crucifixion, was Jesus stripped naked or did he have some clothing on? — Doris Fernandes, Philadelphia Answer: The answer to this is not certain. Early Christian tradition is divided on the subject, and the linguistic details of the New

Life in the womb

Question: In a pregnancy, we should acknowledge that there is the beginning of life. Is there more than one Scripture passage where God mentions that he knew that person while in the womb? — Armel Audet, via email Answer: There are indeed

St. Thomas on Mary

Question: I recently read that St. Thomas Aquinas was among those opposed to the Immaculate Conception. How do we square his status as one of the great minds of the Church with this now being an infallibly defined dogma? — Dick Jones,

Role of the deacon

Question: My parish is getting a permanent deacon. He is married and already a member of the parish. How might we expect him to help with this ministry and how it relates to the priests and lay people who serve the parish?

Body of Christ

Question: When Holy Communion is distributed why is “The Body of Christ” said? Why not say, “The Body and Blood of Christ”? Or better yet, “This is Jesus”? — Name withheld, Alabama Answer: We use the word “body” for several reasons. First

At the name of Jesus

Question: I was taught to nod my head when the name of Jesus was spoken. I see some priests and congregants do it, but not most. What is the current practice? — Diane Garrett, via email Answer: Liturgically it is not required.

Responsibility to teach

Question: Do the pastoral responsibilities of bishops extend to children in public schools? — Robert Bonsignore,  Brooklyn, New York Answer: Yes, a bishop does have this obligation. Normally he meets this duty by ensuring that each parish has adequate religious education available

Public consequences

Question: I believe that there is a moral fabric in the world that is rent when people commit sinful acts. Are sins committed by individuals part of what rends the moral order, or are they independent acts that have little relationship to