Meet the other Divine Mercy saints

The Church calls us higher through the lives of the saints, through one person after another who experienced the mercy of God and knew he had to bring that mercy to the world. When we hear these stories, we begin to realize

A guide to picking confirmation saints

Do you need some help finding a confirmation saint? Meg Hunter-Kilmer offers a guide and poses some questions for finding a good spiritual companion. She also suggests some helpful books and encourages, if possible, a pilgrimage to a saint’s shrine. She notes:

Encountering God through Scripture

Meg Hunter-Kilmer’s journey of reading and studying the Bible has not always been easy. But through perseverance, she says, “Before I knew it, the word of God was running through my veins, tugging at the edges of my mind, speaking hope and

The redemption of Bartolomé de Las Casas

The Servant of God Bartolomé de Las Casas was once a priest who owned slaves. While writing a homily for Pentecost, he was influenced by a verse from Sirach. He became thoroughly convinced of the humanity of native people, renounced his claim