It’s time for a parish reset in the post-COVID era

The Church in the United States is hurting. We are losing people in droves. Mass attendance is lower than in generations, even though the pandemic restrictions on gatherings have been eased in most places. Catholic institutions are shrinking under our watch, and

What to do about imperfect faith

Marcel LeJeune asks the questions: What should we do with Catholics who exhibit imperfect faith? And what are some strategic responses? We have to be careful about coming to decisions about the state of any particular person’s faith and making public comments

The myth of the ‘good old days’

Marcel LeJeune writes that the COVID-19 “pandemic is a unique time with unique challenges, but God is not dormant and neither should we be nor should our institutions sit still. We need to courageously act for the good of each other and

7 ways parents can avoid summer burnout

In an article for Our Sunday Visitor, Marcel LeJeune, president of Catholic Missionary Disciples, writes, “If your family is anything like my family, then you have mixed feelings about the fallout from being locked down for months. While we really enjoyed certain