An American Catholic family’s life in Italy

Shaun McAfee writes about his growing family’s challenges and experiences of living in Italy for the last four years. Working for the military, he writes about his Church community on the military base and building community with religious and visiting various landmarks

How are we welcoming the stranger

In early June, Catholic leaders from the United States, Mexico and Central America met at Mundelein Seminary near Chicago to discuss how the Church in the United States could better provide for the people of Central America — both those who are

Preparing for Christmas with the Joyful Mysteries

Shaun McAfee writes that each passing Advent helps him to consider the conditions and anxieties of the first Christmas, which is why praying the Joyful Mysteries with heartfelt contemplation comes as a timely advantage. There is no mistake or coincidence that the

Book restoration is a recovered art for Italian monks

The standing tradition of many monastic houses for centuries was the art of copying Sacred Scripture and other desirable manuscripts. A more recent occupation is the restoration of old books. The Benedictines of the Praglia Abbey in Italy are the masters of

An opportunity for a new — and better — RCIA

Shaun McAfee explores how RCIA and other programs may be reshaped in the virtual environment. “ RCIA programs have an exquisite opportunity to perform one-on-one sessions that build dynamic relationships,” he writes. “Right now, the focus needs to be placed on introducing

Resources for living the Faith at home in quarantine

Shaun McAfee and his family have been quarantined in Italy since March 9. Needless to say, they aren’t going anywhere for awhile. They are becoming more comfortable with not seeing friends after Mass and on other occasions, not going out on weekends,