A message worth repeating

Teresa Tomeo writes about Pope Francis’s message that Lent is a time to disconnect from the cell phones and connect to the Gospel and how families can use this time during the coronavirus pandemic to reconnect and turn from the “verbal violence.”

The bread of angels and a hug from heaven

Teresa Tomeo reflects on a recent “God-wink.” Recalling a statue she bought for her First Communion, she recognizes the importance the little figurine of Jesus has played in her life, following her despite numerous moves and life changes. When the hymn at

Speaking up does matter

While visiting Scranton, Pennsylvania, for a Labor Day festival, Teresa Tomeo and her husband noticed that a monument honoring Vietnam veterans used the Bible quote from John 15:13 and listed it as anonymous. Tomeo and her husband decided to speak up. They

Painfully out of touch

Sometimes people involved in ministry can be very out of touch on important issues. After overhearing a conversation where a deacon complained that his priest preached about abortion instead of euthanasia or assisted suicide, Teresa Tomeo writes: “How could he not realize

Not so great expectations

Studies reveal that culture heavily weighs on children when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Teresa Tomeo writes: “What should be a real wake-up for all of us concerned about children, their futures and the future in

So much else to talk about

You’ve probably had the same frustrating conversation. It frequently comes in the form of a question regarding discussions on abortion. Those of us who try to raise awareness and address the issue are asked why we’re so focused on the issue or

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