Communities unlock their dignity

Picture the work of Catholic Relief Services in your mind and you might conjure up images of people handing out bags of food after a devastating emergency, or digging a well to provide water, or delivering medicines and vaccines to remote communities.

Reading Romans 13

The upside of Attorney General Jeff Sessions using Paul’s Letter to the Romans to defend the administration’s policy of family separation at the border was that people might go read the Bible for a moment. Or so was my prayer. He and

Editorial: Grasping the Gospel

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, upholding the religious freedom claim of a baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, may have been decided by a failure to grasp what

Trust at the center

At some point during a few-and-far between break at a “convening” sponsored by Georgetown University’s Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life, my friend Elise turned to me to make sure I had a copy of the “Litany of Trust.” It’s

Guilt by association

There is no doubt that the racist tweet launched by actress-comedian Roseanne Barr against former top Obama aide Valerie Jarret deserved swift action by Barr’s superiors at ABC, where she had been raking in huge ratings with the reboot of her hit

Body of Christ

Question: When Holy Communion is distributed why is “The Body of Christ” said? Why not say, “The Body and Blood of Christ”? Or better yet, “This is Jesus”? — Name withheld, Alabama Answer: We use the word “body” for several reasons. First

Opening the Word: Hidden mystery

In a fallen world, power wins. Laws are passed in favor of abortion, against the immigrant and criminalizing the homeless because the powerful exert their will over the weak. There are winners, and there are losers. It’s better to win. Yet divine

Bringing God on family vacation

Recently, standing behind a mom in line at Disney, I heard her reflect to a friend, “I don’t know how my kids’ teachers puts up with them all day.” People often feel ambivalent about family vacations. We can’t wait to go on

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