St. Bernadette Soubirous

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A sepia photo of St. Bernadette Soubirous
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St. Bernadette Soubirous

Feast day: April 16

Born in Lourdes, France, in 1844, St. Bernadette Soubirous suffered from severe asthma and lived in abject poverty. In 1858, she was granted a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a cave on the banks of the Gave River near Lourdes. A spring emerged from the cave, and the waters were discovered to be of a miraculous nature. She had further visits from the Virgin who announced that she was the Immaculate Conception and a church should be erected on the site. In 1866, Bernadette became a member of the Sisters of Charity.  Chronically ill with worsening asthma and tuberculosis of the bones, she died at age 35. Bernadette was canonized in 1933, and she’s the patron of the sick, the poor and Lourdes. Her feast day is April 16.

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