Jesus asks us to spend time with each other

Father Patrick Briscoe reflects on a recent summer retreat held by “Godsplaining,” a podcast that he co-hosts with his Dominican brothers. People from all walks of life attended: young and old, cradle Catholics and converts. He writes: “All of this is to

How these young people find Christ on the streets

Father Patrick Briscoe narrates the vibrant community life and service-oriented mission of Christ in the City missionaries in Denver, Colorado, emphasizing their joyful approach to communal living and dedication to serving the marginalized. Volunteers, including Meaghan and Erin, engage enthusiastically in chores

How an abandoned laundromat is now changing lives

The story of David's House in Richmond in the Indianapolis Archdiocese is all about transformation.

Yes, there is the changing of a building from decrepit to gleaming white and welcoming. But there also is the transformation of a site of despair -- the

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